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Gram Swaraj; The Big Dream!

Nucleus of this project is the Gandhian Vision of Gram Swaraj! The dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the call to the people is to make each village self sufficient and self reliant. A dream that was very difficult at the time of its origin but an easy task now.

The world has shifted from real to virtual in the recent past. Many things that were difficult a decade back has become very simple today. Our native villages have become Global Villages with presence of our people all across the globe. With human living in other planets our villages are going to be universal villages. Digital reach all across the globe that we call connectivity be our strength towards heights!

Let us know each other from our native village! Let us bring together every people from our village. It doesn't matter wherever they are and however busy they are! Coming together is the beginning and working together for success. Together For Better is our slogan! Together Far better is the wisdom!

Let us start thinking together about the wellbeing of our village. It is an easy possibility too! Naturally the wellbeing of the nation and the world at large will be taken care of.

Drops of water make the ocean!

Sharing a thought, a word of appreciation, two coins of a widow, a smile at a moment of distress, a handshake when feeling dejected, a visit when one is sick, a word of wisdom when one is growing! All these are very important. The busy world is really missing every fragrance because of no time. There is no time to live as we are in the making of a living. Present is lost in the effort of making a better future. Many times the future remains uncertain too!

Time constraint in the real world is removed in the digital world. Efforts of many days and hours are being done in a moment or two at the click of a mouse. The digital world is a beautiful world. It is as good as the real world. Linked proper the digital world can do many wonders!

The effort of bringing a village together is digitally possible. The connecting device is the mobile phone. A photograph that you have taken, a video clip as your child plays at the nearby your residence, a word sharing a message are all possible through mobile phones now! Professionally trained media team will make all inputs from each global village into TV Episodes periodically; daily, weekly or monthly. You can log in and watch them whenever you get time and share them with others online. Your suggestions and comments are heard in the entire process.


Our village is an asset; not a liability!

Provision of basic infrastructure will make every village heaven on earth. Utilizing the available resources will make every village self sufficient. Asking for government to do everything is not practical. Of course; government should create sufficient road and digital connectivity with all basic amenities. Charitable works on infrastructure is not advised since their focus is on basic needs! Developmental support should come from elsewhere. No! it should come from within!!

Hence a new term is to be coined or focused! It is Social Capital. Every word is ruined by wrong interpretations and it is better to tell here very clear about what we mean by social capital. It is not Public Private Partnership (PPP). It is also not something that the creators don’t own. By social capital we mean amenities created by a number of people that are meant to create wealth but not profits. The wealth thus created will be owned by the creators and their descendents. The social capital will be available for a select number of people who need such support. The Social capital will be used by them and the creators and their references at a concessional price and for others at the commercial rates.

Meeting points, Time Bank Branches, tourism projects, agro processing units, other processing units, food production facilities, IT Kiosks etc. are possible and useful under social capital projects!

When we start to focus on our village everything becomes simple and practical and hence it is not a utopian thinking. It is very much macro thinking but with solid micro focus. Let us take up a small slice of responsibility ourselves and suggest our friends and relatives to do the same. At a later stage we are evolving a professional set up named “TIME BANK” to co-ordinate the Social Capital.


Launching a TV Channel for My Village!

TV was a costly reality in the eighties. It is an easy possibility now. Make of TV Programs are all same everywhere in the world. With advancement in technology the medium of distribution is multiplied and expanded. Internet has become the most popular and watched medium for TV Programs now and the trend is fast progressing. Everyone in the developed world is using Internet and others remain ignorant and isolated! Every TV Channel has come with Internet TV editions! Maintaining a good TV Channel is a matter of wisdom; no doubt about it.

A TV Channel few years’ back was costing few Crores of rupees! A Rural TV Channel under Gram Swaraj is expected to cost less than Rs. 50,000/- per month. This includes generation of 4 jobs from each village at a salary of Rs. 5,000/- per month and one job at the district Head Quarters at Rs. 10,000/- per month.

TV Episodes prepared just like any other TV Channels and will be made available throughout the world through internet. Places with no internet connectivity will be handled strategically. Unlike satellite and local TV Channels, Global TV Channels will be featuring every village and people from the villages. The approach is positive and we shall carry only positive content. Making Gram Swaraj a reality is the target of this project and your participation is most important.

Share the dream and JAI HIND!

Sub Section:

1.Viewer: you will be able to watch the episodes produced for your Global Village. You can also view other episodes in the general category.

Monthly contribution option: Rs.100/- to Rs.500/-

2.Contributor: in addition to be the viewer; you will be able to send videos, Voice Clips, Photos, Scripts etc to be added in the episodes.

Monthly contribution option: Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/-

3.Participator: You can view, Contribute and also participate in the preparation of the episodes. You shall also opt to be a member of the editorial board periodically


Monthly contribution option: Rs.1000/- to Rs.2000/-

4.Owner: in addition to be a viewer, contributor and participator; you will become part of the project being among the owners of the infrastructure and facilities for the projects. Also refer Social capital in appropriate sections.

Your contributions can go in any desirable category like studio fund, equipments & accessories fund, facilities fund etc. Social capital will be owned by those who create them and will also be available for them at concessional prices. The wealth created and added up further will all be owned by those who create them. Your contribution in this category will initially become a Bank Deposit and later go into the proposed project or other as discussed appropriately.

Any Time Contribution: Rs. 25,000/- onwards